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Stetson University Staff Directory

Athletic Departments Men's Sports Women's Sports
Administration Athletic Communications
Compliance External Operations
Operations and Facilities Sports Medicine
Strength and Conditioning
Men's Basketball
Cheerleading/Stunt Team
Cross Country
Men's Golf
Men's Soccer
Men's Tennis
Women's Basketball
Cheerleading/Stunt Team
Cross Country
Women's Golf
Sand Volleyball
Women's Soccer
Women's Tennis

Name, Position Phone Email
Administration   Return To Top
Jeff Altier, Director of Athletics (386) 822-7157
Mike Bitter, Faculty Athletics Representative (386) 822-7422
Cheryl Carlson, Business Office Coordinator (386) 822-8120
Pegjohngy Moses, Associate AD for Student Services (386) 822-8141
Alicia Queally, Associate AD for Internal Operations/SWA (386) 738-6676
Stacy Turner, Administrative Assistant to AD (386) 822-8100
Larry Watson, Director of Golf Operations (386) 822-7713
Athletic Communications   Return To Top
Ricky Hazel, Assistant AD for Athletic Communications (386) 822-8130
Jamie Bataille, Assistant Director of Athletic Communications (386) 822-8131
Cris Belvin, Assistant Director of Athletic Communications (386) 822-8937
Baseball   Return To Top
Pete Dunn, Head Coach (386) 822-8106
Mark Leavitt, Associate Head Coach (386) 822-8122
Chris Roberts, Assistant Coach (386) 822-8733
Men's Basketball   Return To Top
Corey Williams, Head Coach (386) 822-8118
Mike Jaskulski, Assistant Coach (386) 822-8104
Nikita Johnson, Assistant Coach (386) 822-8144
Bert Capel, Assistant Coach (386) 822-8101
Kevin Dux, Director of Basketball Operations (386) 822-7336
Women's Basketball   Return To Top
Lynn Bria, Head Coach (386) 822-8116
Pam Brown, Assistant Coach (386) 822-8115
David Saur, Assistant Coach (386) 822-7156
Daniel Barber, Assistant Coach (386) 822-8119
Andrew Olinger, Director of Basketball Operations
Cheerleading/Stunt Team   Return To Top
Lisa Browning, Head Coach (386) 333-2376
Compliance   Return To Top
Chet Hesson, Assistant AD for Compliance (386) 822-7490
Laura Mason, Compliance Coordinator (386) 822-8164
Cross Country   Return To Top
Joe Matuszczak, Head Coach (386) 822-8838
External Operations   Return To Top
Jeffery Higgins, Assistant AD for External Operations (386) 738-6707
David Weisser, Assistant AD - Marketing and Sales (386) 738-6698
Matt Musgrove, General Manager of Stetson Sports Properties (386) 738-6706
Natalia DiFerdinand, Director of Tickets (386) 822-8110
David Shelton, Collegiate Consultant (386) 822-8124
Kobina Amoo, Ticket Office Graduate Assistant (386) 738-4287
Football   Return To Top
Roger Hughes, Head Coach
Nolan Behrns, Director of Football Operations (386) 822-7134
Matt Diniak, Running Backs Coach 386-822-8800
Tim Holt, Offensive Line Coach 386-822-8794
Charles Huff, Defensive Line Coach
Tim Keating, Receivers Coach (386) 822-8801
Patrick Saporito, Defensive Backs Coach (386) 822-8928
Brandon Wright, Linebackers Coach (386) 822-7411
Brian Young, Defensive Coordinator (386) 822-8193
Meyrick Lamb, Student Assistant Coach
Justin Reynolds, Student Assistant Coach
Men's Golf   Return To Top
Larry Watson, Head Coach (386) 822-7713
Women's Golf   Return To Top
Floyd Kerr, Head Coach (386) 822-8137
Lacrosse   Return To Top
Christy Leach, Head Coach (386) 822-8188
Operations and Facilities   Return To Top
James Stem, Assistant AD for Operations and Facilities (386) 822-8111
Virginia Sheppa, Assistant Director of Operations and Facilities (386) 822-8839
Kevin Jurenko, Equipment Room Supervisor (386) 822-7017
Steve Barnard, Grounds/Field Maintenance - Softball (386) 822-8916
Jeff Brawner, Equipment Room Assistant - Baseball (386) 822-8735
Rowing   Return To Top
Mark Wilson, Head Coach (386) 822-8102
Dr. Kimberly Chavers, Assistant Coach (386) 822-8157
Sand Volleyball   Return To Top
Kristina Hernandez, Head Coach (386) 822-8134
Scott Tunnell, Assistant Coach (386) 738-6681
Men's Soccer   Return To Top
T. Logan Fleck, Head Coach (386) 822-8123
Women's Soccer   Return To Top
Manoj Khettry, Head Coach (386) 822-8139
Emily Buccilla, Assistant Coach (386) 822-7035
Sports Medicine   Return To Top
Glenn Brickey, Director of Sports Medicine (386) 822-7168
Andrew Kovachy, Associate Athletic Trainer (386) 822-7029
Christina To, Associate Athletic Trainer (386) 822-7158
Rachel Craddock, Assistant Athletic Trainer (386) 822-7152
Adam Deimling, Assistant Athletic Trainer (386) 822-7166
Miriam Hosmon, Assistant Athletic Trainer
Lauryn Hunter, Assistant Athletic Trainer
David Krazeise, Assistant Athletic Trainer (386) 822-7027
Dan Riegle, Assistant Athletic Trainer (386) 822-7165
Brittany Rowe, Assistant Athletic Trainer
Softball   Return To Top
Frank Griffin, Head Coach (386) 822-8129
Vanessa Bataille, Associate Head Coach (386) 822-8138
J.J. Payette, Assistant Coach (386) 822-7337
Amy Krazeise, Volunteer Assistant Coach
Strength and Conditioning   Return To Top
Brad Lokey, Director of Strength & Conditioning (386) 738-6678
Men's Tennis   Return To Top
Pierre Pilote, Director of Tennis (386) 822-8146
Christophe Noblet, Associate Head Coach (386) 822-8145
Dan Riegle, Athletic Trainer (386) 822-7165
Women's Tennis   Return To Top
Pierre Pilote, Director of Tennis (386) 822-8146
Christophe Noblet, Associate Head Coach (386) 822-8145
Yi Ching Chen, Volunteer Assistant Coach
Volleyball   Return To Top
Kristina Hernandez, Head Coach (386) 822-8134
Scott Tunnell, Assistant Coach (386) 738-6681