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Stetson University Staff Directory

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Administration Academic Support
Athletic Communications Compliance
External Operations Corporate Sales & Partnerships
Operations and Facilities Sports Medicine
Strength and Conditioning
Men's Basketball
Cheerleading/Stunt Team
Cross Country
Men's Golf
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Men's Soccer
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Cheerleading/Stunt Team
Cross Country
Women's Golf
Women's Rowing
Women's Soccer
Women's Tennis

Name, Position Phone Email
Administration   Return To Top
Jeff Altier, Director of Athletics (386) 822-7157
Mike Bitter, Faculty Athletics Representative (386) 822-7422
Cheryl Carlson, Business Office Coordinator (386) 822-8120
Pegjohngy Moses, Associate AD for Student Services (386) 822-8141
Alicia Queally, Senior Associate Director of Athletics/SWA (386) 738-6676
Stacy Turner, Administrative Assistant to AD (386) 822-8100
Academic Support   Return To Top
Sharniece Supal, Academic Coordinator (386) 822-8823
Athletic Communications   Return To Top
Ricky Hazel, Associate Director of Athletics (386) 822-8130
Jamie Bataille, Assistant Director of Athletic Communications (386) 822-8131
Cris Belvin, Assistant Director of Athletic Communications (386) 822-8937
Baseball   Return To Top
Pete Dunn, Head Coach (386) 822-8106
Mark Leavitt, Associate Head Coach (386) 822-8122
Dave Therneau, Assistant Coach (386) 822-8733
Brandon Brewer, Volunteer Assistant coach (386) 822-8107
Will Mackenzie, Student Assistant Coach
Men's Basketball   Return To Top
Corey Williams, Head Coach (386) 822-8118
Bert Capel, Assistant Coach (386) 822-8101
Kevin Dux, Assistant Coach (386) 822-7336
Nikita Johnson, Assistant Coach (386) 822-8144
Chad Vincent, Director of Basketball Operations (386) 822-8104
Women's Basketball   Return To Top
Lynn Bria, Head Coach (386) 822-8116
Daniel Barber, Assistant Coach (386) 822-8119
Otavio Battaglia, Assistant Coach (386) 822-7156
Brittany Young, Assistant Coach (386) 822-8115
Meagan Edwards, Director of Basketball Operations (386) 822-7989
Beach Volleyball   Return To Top
Kristina Hernandez, Head Coach (386) 822-8134
Jordon Dyer, Assistant Coach
Kaley Melville, Volunteer Assistant Coach
Niatha Cullen, Director of Operations (386) 822-8831
Cheerleading/Stunt Team   Return To Top
Cassie Cunningham, Head Coach
Compliance   Return To Top
Elise Paulson, Assistant AD for Compliance (386) 822-7490
Stephanie Thompson, Compliance Coordinator (386) 822-8164
Cross Country   Return To Top
Bryan Harmon, Head Coach 386-738-6681
McDaniel Olivier, Assistant Coach
External Operations   Return To Top
Mike McKercher, Assistant AD for External Operations 386-738-6707
Robert Agusta, Associate General Manager IMG-Learfield Ticket Solutions (386) 822-8124
Cain Yarbrough, Assistant Director for Athletic Marketing and Promotions (386) 738-6698
Mika Goyette, Ticket Office Graduate Assistant (386) 822-7967
Corporate Sales & Partnerships   Return To Top
Kevin Olivett, General Manager of Stetson Sports Properties (386) 738-6706
Football   Return To Top
Roger Hughes, Head Coach
Jacob Behrns, Receivers Coach (386) 822-8816
Nolan Behrns, Director of Football Operations (386) 822-7134
Brian Boerboom, Offensive Line Coach (386) 822-8794
Matt Diniak, Running Backs Coach (386) 822-8800
Jonathan Johnson, Defensive Line Coach (386) 822-7411
Bob Majeski, Linebackers Coach (386) 822-8198
Clay Mazza, Tight Ends Coach
Kiwaukee Thomas, Defensive Backs Coach (386) 822-8928
Brian Young, Defensive Coordinator (386) 822-8193
Jesse Marsh, Defensive Quality Control
John Post, Student Assistant Coach
Mark Wateska, Strength Coach (386) 738-6678
Men's Golf   Return To Top
Larry Watson, Head Coach (386) 822-7713
Women's Golf   Return To Top
Floyd Kerr, Head Coach (386) 822-8137
Danielle Jackson-Shelburne, Assistant Coach (386) 740-2102
Lacrosse   Return To Top
Christy Leach, Head Coach (386) 822-8188
Nikki Boltja, Assistant Coach (386) 822-8775
Men's Rowing   Return To Top
Mark Wilson, Head Coach (386) 822-8102
Stephen Harris, Assistant Coach (386) 822-7923
Ryan Worth, Assistant Coach (386) 822-8157
Operations and Facilities   Return To Top
Mike Cherry, Assistant AD for Operations and Facilities (386) 822-8111
Virginia Sheppa-Shupe, Assistant Director of Operations and Facilities (386) 822-8839
Kevin Jurenko, Equipment Room Supervisor (386) 822-7017
Steve Barnard, Grounds/Field Maintenance - Softball (386) 822-8916
Dustin Stover, Assistant Equipment Room Supervisor (386) 822-8154
Women's Rowing   Return To Top
Mark Wilson, Head Coach (386) 822-8102
Stephen Harris, Assistant Coach (386) 822-7923
Ryan Worth, Assistant Coach (386) 822-8157
Men's Soccer   Return To Top
Jared Vock, Interim Head Coach (386) 822-7014
Jonathan Adams, Interim Assistant Coach (386) 822-8123
Nick Calo, Volunteer Assistant
Lucas Diniz, Volunteer Assistant
Women's Soccer   Return To Top
Manoj Khettry, Head Coach (386) 822-8139
Emily Buccilla, Assistant Coach (386) 822-7035
Eric Reyes, Assistant Coach (386) 922-7035
Joel Leach, Director of Operations
Tomasz Wilczak, Volunteer Assistant Coach
Sports Medicine   Return To Top
Glenn Brickey, Director of Sports Medicine (386) 822-7168
David Krazeise, Associate Athletic Trainer (386) 822-7027
Miriam Hosmon, Assistant Athletic Trainer (386) 822-8879
Barbara Lawrence, Assistant Athletic Trainer (386) 822-7158
Kristen McTernan, Assistant Athletic Trainer (386) 822-7167
Carrie Rahn, Assistant Athletic Trainer (386) 822-7165
Logan Speicher, Assistant Athletic Trainer (386) 822-7166
Taylor Sullivan, Assistant Athletic Trainer (386) 822-7152
John Travnick, Assistant Athletic Trainer (386) 822-2506
Softball   Return To Top
Frank Griffin, Head Coach (386) 822-8129
Vanessa Bataille, Associate Head Coach (386) 822-8138
J.J. Payette, Assistant Coach (386) 822-7337
Strength and Conditioning   Return To Top
Mark Wateska, Director of Strength & Conditioning (386) 738-6678
Spencer Phillips, Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (386) 822-7964
Men's Tennis   Return To Top
Christophe Noblet, Head Coach (386) 822-8145
Marcus Echtler, Assistant Coach
Barbara Lawrence, Athletic Trainer (386) 822-7158
Spencer Phillips, Strength & Conditioning Coach (386) 822-7964
Women's Tennis   Return To Top
Travis Sandlant, Head Coach (386) 822-8146
Volleyball   Return To Top
Kristina Hernandez, Head Coach (386) 822-8134
Jordon Dyer, Assistant Coach
Niatha Cullen, Graduate Assistant (386) 822-8831