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by: Stetson University
Hatter Happenings Issue 14: Jama Sharp
Courtesy: Stetson University  
Release:  03/11/2013
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Put on your Dancin' shoes!!!


With the championship game still fresh on my mind, I can't stop smiling! Just two days ago we won the A-sun tournament! It's a blessing, and a miracle, not that we won, but the way we won. If you haven't watched the game, you should! It was a great game; winning just made it that much better. Winning the whole thing was never out of the question for us. Many people may have counted us out after losing in double digits two times to FGCU already during the season, but were they wrong! They were failing to see the team we are and counting us out just made us that much more determined.

Like any team we have had our ups and downs, been through many trials and tribulations, and have still come out on top.  Having experienced a final game last year that left us unsatisfied and wanting more, we knew we weren’t going to leave Macon, GA feeling like that again. I, like others, headed straight for the gym, and our coaches went to work. Heading into this season we knew we did not want to have to feel that way again. Most of all because for our five seniors it would be their last shot at it. We worked harder than we ever have, and ran more than we ever have. Looking back it was all a small price to pay for the joy I feel today. 

To say it took just us as a team and the coaches to win would be selfish. It took a lot of people. For starters, Stetson as a whole, for giving all of us a place to further our education and play the game that we love. Winning took our friends, teachers, former coaches, former teammates and fans who are always behind us, who have ever helped us and continue to cheer for us. It took our families who have traveled over the years taking us to tournaments, camps, and now coming to see us play. It took our cheerleaders and band who "always believed in us". It took our athletic department and the support they gave us. It also, took our wonderful president and Mr. Libby who were at every tournament game, and after we won shared in our celebration dinner. Most of all it took our great God, without Him none of this would have even been possible. We thank you all! We truly appreciate your continued support and share this wonderful victory with you all!

Because of each player and each coach, the hard work, the heart, the focus, and support system we have we earned ourselves a ring! We get a chance to play in the biggest show, and dance on the biggest stage, not many can say the same. It's what all basketball players dream of doing, I know I sure did. Even though my time here at Stetson and on the court is not over yet, this is something I can always cherish, with a team that I love because WE'RE GOING DANCIN'!


Coming Mar. 25: Myeisha Hall

Stetson Athletic Department