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by: Kat and Eric Photography
Blog: Tournament Time by Janelle Mills (Part III)
Courtesy: Stetson University  
Release:  03/22/2013
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Today was quite a busy day for the team. We had practice this morning before we left for Columbus. Because we had a morning practice, we had to make sure we were fully packed the night beforehand in order to avoid forgetting anything important. Even with all the packing that I did Wednesday night, I still felt like I was rushing after practice because I was triple-checking to make sure I didn’t forget anything. The NCAA Tournament is not the place I want to forget my ankle braces.

After practice we had time to finish packing then head to the CUB to greet the people waiting to send us off. It was a really nice crowd of people and a great way to leave for the tournament. Just when I think that the progress that we made can’t get any better, the surprises keep coming.

The coolest thing for me had to have been watching the underclassmen’s faces as they tried to absorb it all. Because this is the second time I’ve gone to the NCAA Tournament, this process is no surprise to me. For the freshmen and sophomores on the team, this all new to them and they are loving it. Everyone has taken more than enough pictures, but I’m sure you wouldn’t be able to convince any of us that we actually have.

I think that everyone is just taking this time to absorb everything that has been going on these past couple weeks. At this point, we know we’re champions but it’s still taking some time to adjust to the different treatment. For the most part, we always got support, but even I’m not used to the amount of recognition that we’ve been getting. It’s pretty cool to be congratulated by people as we pass by.

All in all, Thursday has been quite an exhausting day and I’ll be happy when I finally lie down in my bed and relax. This cold weather is just more reason for me to curl up in my bed and go to sleep so that’s exactly what I’ll do. At this point I don’t even feel like I dream anymore because I wake up to a reality that is hard to believe. I wouldn’t have this post season any other way.

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