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by: Stetson University
Hatter Lax Nation: Morabito on Playing Hometown Team
Courtesy: Stetson University  
Release:  02/01/2014
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Welcome to the Hatter Lax Nation Blog, where we hope you enjoy some of the stories and insights from inside the Stetson Women's Lacrosse program. Our second entry of 2014 comes from freshman Sam Maguire.


Sam Maguire | Freshman | Feb. 1
One word can describe the feeling of playing against Syracuse: honor. It was a huge honor to play against such a highly ranked team. For Stetson, a second year program, to be one of 17 teams to play against Syracuse was an awesome opportunity. I was so excited to see that we were playing Syracuse when coach announced it. I never thought for a second that I would get the chance to play against them. It never really hit me that we were playing them until I was running with them. It was also an honor to be able to play the game at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports. The game being at ESPN’s World Wide of Sports was something I never thought would happen either. The whole experience of playing against Syracuse at Disney World is something I will never forget.

The day of the game was all about excitement! I was so excited to be able to play my first Division 1 game against Syracuse. The moment I stepped on the field and lined up next to a Syracuse player was an incredible moment. Everyone on the team had this motivation to give it their all on the field and that showed throughout the game. The game against Syracuse was fast paced and there was so much intensity. It was certainly a learning experience for me and everyone else on the team. The game showed that we, as a team, have the potential for a great season. The game against Syracuse prepared and taught us something for our upcoming games. This learning experience was fun, exciting, memorable, and incredible.

On top of playing against Syracuse, I also got the chance to watch the national team play against Maryland. I caught the game, also at Wide World of Sports, with my family. The game was so interesting to watch. It was amazing to watch so many good lacrosse players come together to play a team from my hometown. I loved to watch Maryland play and watching them play against the national team was an added bonus. The experience was amazing and I learned so much just from watching. It is another moment I will ever forget.

The opportunity of watching the national team was one of the best moments in my lacrosse career. The experience of watching the national team gave me the inspiration to know that that if I continue putting forth hard work, I have the ability to become great. The whole experience all together is the one of the greatest learning experiences I ever had. It is such an honor to be on a team where this can happen.


Noelle Morabito | Sophomore | Jan. 21
Growing up in Rochester, New York I have been exposed to many amazing colleges around the area. Although Syracuse is about an hour away from my house, now, going to school all the way down in Florida, it feels like it is just down the street from where I grew up.

I have been to the dome a few times for football and basketball games. I can’t imagine what it would feel like to play in the dome, because when it gets packed, it gets loud!

Syracuse has always had an amazing lacrosse program. For Stetson this is just our second year together as a team, and I never thought that we would have the opportunity to play Syracuse! I figured that they were up in New York and we were down here in Florida, so it would never get worked into the schedule.

When Coach Moore told me that we were going to play Syracuse at ESPN's Wide World of Sports, I screamed I was so happy! Not only because Syracuse is basically from my hometown, but also because we get to play a top five team in the country. It will be a tough game that night but I know it will be so much fun no matter what the score is because there is a large amount to learn from our opponents and how to become better players.

This game will set up the rest of our season because it will give us all the push we need to become better and become an even bigger threat in conference.

I can’t wait to see other incredible lacrosse teams while we are participating in the Champions Challenge, like top 20 teams and the US National team. Watching them play makes me want to drive to become better. Those types of players, whether they want to be or not, are very inspirational to watch.

We need to create an image of what we want to be like as a team and strive for that so we can have a successful season. The entire team is counting down the days until we start the season against Syracuse and for the rest of the season.


Mallory Tluchowski | Sophomore | Jan. 16
Anticipation! Excitement! Nerves! All immediately rush to me when I think of the 2014 season. This second NCAA Division I season for us and our program has so much promise. We as individuals, as a team, and as a family have grown immensely not only since this time last year, but also since the beginning of our fall season.

Over winter break, I had many goals, but one that really motivated me each and every day, was simply to make that day better than the last. To improve everyday. If it was a sprint, to improve my times, if it was a lift, to improve my form and technique, or to push myself to do another rep. And even on rest days, to reach out to my teammates, to do some extra rehabilitation, or do stick work. Everyday was essential; I couldn’t let one single day be a waste. Four weeks went by so fast. The motivation to get better each day, made every one of those days important.

Motivation over break also came from my teammates. As cheesy as it may sound, inspirational quotes, pictures, texts, tweets, and even snap chats that my teammates and I shared over the month pushed me even harder. Through the runs, in my head, I could hear my teammates screaming my name to go harder and not give up, to go that extra mile. When it came to lifting, there was no doubt who was in my head - Coach Lokey. You just can’t ignore that voice. Coach Lokey, our head strength and conditioning coach, has a special way to pull out the “inner-gorilla” in you and the power to push it to levels you’ve never been before. I found him in every workout, pushing me to go harder, and perfect every rep. Then there was Coach Moore and Coach Dipper; everyday there was an inspring post or picture to our team Facebook page that they shared with us in which we could all relate to in our training. They gave so many powerful words of encouragement. There was no way I could not train over break!

As we return for the start of the 2014 season there is so much to look forward to, playing underneath the lights in our beautiful facilities (we now have night practices and more night games), game prep, awesome gear, new sticks, bus rides, team meals, game day, wearing my jersey, eye black, home and away games (aka Christmas), screaming the cheer, tailgates, and just spending more time together as a team with more practices and team events. We have such a unique group and I really do have a bond with each one of my teammates. How could you not be excited to play the game you love with the people you love? I’m just getting fired up thinking about it!!

Our game schedule is any lacrosse player’s dream. With 12 home games in beautiful, sunny Florida, a trip to New York, South Carolina, Michigan, and Georgia, with an opener against nationally ranked Syracuse at the ESPN Wide World of Sports, and that’s just to name a few highlights! The caliber of teams we have the honor to play is amazing!

This spring, my goal is to be of any service I can be to the program, be it as support, extra workouts, motivation, or just an extra hand, I’m there. Though this is a program built because of a game, it’s more then just the game. It’s doing whatever it takes for each other to bring us together to that next level in the game: to re-defend on attack, to go over on defense for a tired midfielder, to help double team, to draw a double, to pass off to an open teammate, or just to set picks. Anything, I’m your girl.

All in all, I know my teammates and I worked hard over the winter break and I couldn’t be more excited and more proud of the growth and hard work everyone has put in for this season! Go HATTERS!

Stetson Athletic Department