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Kristina Hernandez
Position: Head Coach
Alma Mater: North Carolina A&T, 2003
Phone: (386) 822-8134
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javascript: goPtp('IA/IAVHPCHODZJGOPQ.20140527135531.jpg','Kristina Hernandez 2014','David S. Williams','/pics33/200/IA/IAVHPCHODZJGOPQ.20140527135531.jpg','/pics33/0/IA/IAVHPCHODZJGOPQ.20140527135531.jpg','')
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javascript: goPtp('AJ/AJJHVUULSVSMZKP.20140402185019.jpg','Bryant and Hernandez 2014','Stetson University','/pics33/200/AJ/AJJHVUULSVSMZKP.20140402185019.jpg','/pics33/0/AJ/AJJHVUULSVSMZKP.20140402185019.jpg','')
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Hernandez Photos

A two-time Atlantic Sun Conference champion and an A-Sun Coach of the Year, Kristina Hernandez begins her second season as indoor volleyball head coach and third season as sand volleyball head coach at Stetson University.

Indoor (16-13 / Second Season):

In her first season as the indoor head coach, Hernandez guided the Hatters to a 16-13 record and a third-place finish in the Atlantic Sun Conference standings.  Stetson started the season 5-1 for the first time in program history and also won five matches in a row from Oct. 3 to Oct. 17.  The Hatters qualified for the A-Sun Championship for just the second time in 19 years.

Sand (40-12 / Third Season):

Hernandez tremendous work with the sand volleyball program in 2015 earned her Atlantic Sun Conference Coach of the Year honors.  The Hatters won a school-record 22 games, including 11 in a row at one point.  Stetson went a perfect 8-0 in A-Sun competition to win the regular season conference title, and then the Hatters won their second straight Atlantic Sun Conference championship to advance to the AVCA national tournament for the second year in a row.  Stetson finished the season ranked sixth nationally in both the AVCA and DiG Magazine polls.

Hernandez tutored A-Sun Pair of the Year and Pair of the Tournament Kaley Melville and Julie Bassett, as well as First Team All-Conference pairing of Maren Rygh and Kristin Lind.  Lind was also named A-Sun Scholar-Athlete of the Year.

In her inaugural season as sand head coach in 2014, Hernandez guided the Hatters to an 18-win season, the program's first Atlantic Sun Conference Championship, and an appearance in the AVCA Collegiate Sand Volleyball Championship.  Two pairs were named first-team all-conference, three Hatters earned all-freshman team honors, and three pairs earned A-Sun Pair of the Week accolades.

Hernandez came to Stetson from Hofstra University, where she won 93 matches in six seasons with the Pride, leading them to an NCAA Tournament appearance in 2012. That season her team posted 21 wins, its most since 2006, and captured the Colonial Athletic Association title.  Hernandez also led Hofstra to the CAA semifinals in 2008 and 2013.  

While in West Hempstead, Hernandez guided a dozen of her players to all-conference honors and saw more than 30 earn academic awards from the conference.  In 2012, outside hitter Kelsie Wills earned AVCA National Player of the Week honors.  In 2009, Hernandez was selected to the AVCA's Thirty Under 30 list that recognizes up-and-coming coaches under the age of 30.

Before her arrival at Hofstra, Hernandez led the Loyola University Maryland volleyball program for four seasons. As head coach of the Greyhounds, she compiled 49 victories, doubling her team’s win total her very first season and giving them their first 20-win season in a quarter century.  During the 2007 campaign, Loyola appeared in the conference semifinals and finished in the top three in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference for the first time since 1997.

While at Loyola, Hernandez had one of her student-athletes named MAAC Setter of the Year, one named MAAC Rookie of the Year, and three earn post-season all-conference honors.

The McAllen, Texas native played collegiately at North Carolina A&T, where she was a setter and named the team’s rookie of the year her freshman season. Hernandez earned all-conference honors in three of her four years with the Aggies.  She graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2003 with a degree in Physical Education and a minor in Biology.

Following her collegiate career, Hernandez became a volunteer assistant with St. Mary’s (Calif.), before accepting her first full-time head coaching position.

Hernandez also brings a wealth of USA Volleyball coaching experience with her to DeLand, as she has served in a number of different capacities with the organization during the past seven years.  In 2007 she was the lead coach with the high performance tryout camp as well as head of the Youth National A2 Team.  In 2008 and 2012 she served as an assistant coach the USA Youth A2 program.  In 2009 she was an assistant with the USA Volleyball Women’s Junior A2 squad.  In 2010 she served as the head coach for the Women's Junior Continental Team.  In 2013 and 2014 she served as an associate head coach of the Select A2 program.

Hernandez has USA Beach Impact and USA BCAP1 certification.  She is also a USA Beach CAP Cadre member.

In 2003 Hernandez interned with USA Volleyball in Colorado Springs, Colo. with its beach volleyball, disabled, grassroots and education programs.

Hernandez is married to Jonathan Adams and the couple resides in Deltona, Fla.

Stetson Volleyball