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by: Stetson University
SAAC Penny Wars Going on Now Through Friday
Courtesy: Stetson University  
Release:  03/27/2013
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The Stetson University Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is currently hosting a campus-wide penny war to raise money for the American Cancer Society through SAAC's Relay For Life team.

The penny war is set up as a "battle of the sexes" competition as male and female students across the campus try to trump the other team.

There will be two containers located at the Commons and during Stetson Athletics sporting events, one for men and one for women, to donate pennies from March 25 through March 29.

The objective of the penny war is to have the container with the most amount of pennies in it as opposed to any other types of change.

Pennies give positive points towards the team's total, but all other US currency give negative points towards the team's total.

For example, 50 pennies equals 50 points, but if there is a quarter in addition to those 50 pennies the team's total is then dropped to 25 points. The final score is based on the number of additional currency in each team’s container that has to be deducted from the amount of pennies it has.

In order for one team to win, they would have to put as many pennies as possible in their container while also adding other currency to the opposing team’s container. All currency donated, however, goes to the American Cancer Society.

The winning team/gender gets to pie the losing gender's SAAC representative in the face at the SAAC booth during the Relay for Life Event, April 6th-7th.

Stetson Athletic Department