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A.     All students participating in intercollegiate athletics should download the forms necessary for obtaining a physical examination at Stetson University.  The parental insurance authorization form, an enlarged copy of any parental insurance card(s) (both sides), a completed medical history form and any necessary medical records must be received by the Division of Sports Medicine prior to each student-athlete being approved for a physical examination.


B.     All students participating in intercollegiate athletics must be examined and approved by the team physician(s) before being permitted to practice with any team.  The physician(s) may re-examine and change the student-athlete’s status at any time.


C.     All student-athletes are required to fill out a preseason history questionnaire prior to a physical exam.


D.     Student-athletes who have sustained any injuries five years prior to being a team candidate are required to report these injuries to the Director of Sports Medicine or team physician(s).


E.      Student-athletes who have had any infectious diseases, other serious illnesses, or surgery during the previous calendar year must report these problems to the supervising certified athletic trainer and team physician(s) prior to the pre-participation examination.


F.      Failure to report such injuries or illnesses relieves Stetson University of all liability, in the event that the student-athlete sustains a subsequent injury or re-injury to the affected part, provided the originally injury was a contributing factor to the subsequent injury in the opinion of the team physician(s).


G.     A pregnancy policy has been established for the protection of women student-athletes.


                  1.  Any woman who is pregnant will not be allowed to participate in contact sports after her third month of pregnancy.  The first three months are contingent upon attending physician approval that must be presented in writing.


2  Any woman who is pregnant will be allowed to participate in non-contact sports through her sixth month of pregnancy as long as she presents a written statement of approval from her attending physician.





3.  Contact sports                                                Non-contact sports

     Basketball                                                            Cross Country

     Cheerleading                                                Golf

     Crew                                                            Tennis

     Dance Troop                       





H.     Loss of one of any paired organ (i.e. eye, kidney, testicle, etc.) shall disqualify one from participating in any intercollegiate team sponsored by the Athletic Department unless the team physician(s) deems otherwise and so states with what sports the student-athlete may participate.


I.        All returning student-athletes will complete a questionnaire and be interviewed by an athletic trainer.  During this interview, past injuries and problems will be discussed, as well as any conditions that have developed.  If in the opinion of the certified athletic trainer, the student-athlete should be further examined by the team physician(s), the referral will be made at that time.  Physical examination of returning student-athletes will be completed as determined by the opinions of the team physician(s) and the Director of Sports Medicine.


J.       A schedule for physical examinations for incoming student-athletes will be provided to the head coach of each sport.  This provides more than adequate notice.  If the student-athlete fails to attend this scheduled physical examination a make-up examination must be arranged by the student-athlete through the Director of Sports Medicine.  This rescheduling is the responsibility of the student-athlete.  The student-athlete assumes the financial responsibility for payment of this make-up physical examination.


      Acceptable cancellation of original scheduled physical examinations will be considered if the Director of Sports Medicine is contacted with a minimum of 48 hours prior to the scheduled exam.


K.    Subsequent late starters or walk-ons who report after the scheduled exam dates will be responsible for scheduling their physical with the Sports Medicine staff on a priority basis as determined by the Director of Sports Medicine.


L.      Walk-ons who are invited to short-term scheduled group tryouts must complete a medical history questionnaire and a release of liability tryout waiver.  The student-athlete must be eighteen years of age to complete this waiver.  Any minor must have this form complete by his/her parent or guardian prior to a scheduled tryout session.  Additionally, each walk-on candidate must provide adequate proof of insurance coverage.  Final approval for the tryout must be obtained from the supervising Certified Athletic Trainer based on the student-athlete’s medical history.





II.                 LIABILITY

      The University’s liability for medical expenses resulting from injuries and illness for student-athletes is contingent on adherence to the following guidelines


A.     INJURIES OR ILLNESS: The student-athlete is responsible for reporting to a representative of the Sports Medicine Staff all athletic injuries or illnesses associated with the athletic practice and competition as soon as possible.  The Certified Athletic Trainer will bring these problems to the attention of other medical care providers as necessary.


B.     In the event of an emergency, on campus, due to an athletic injury, the athlete may be transported to the University Health Service or local medical care facilities and necessary medical attention dispensed.  THE ATHLETE IS NOT PERMITTED TO SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION WITHOUT PRIOR AUTHORIZATION FROM THE SPORTS MEDICINE STAFF, EXCEPT IN EMERGENCIES.


C.     TREATMENT AND REHABILITATION: The athletic training room hours will be posted with each sport season.  Appointments are available when arranged in advance as well.  Treatments will be available to all student-athletes; however, the in-season student-athletes will have priority for treatment.  Failure of an injured student-athlete to keep treatment and/or rehabilitation appointments will be interpreted as his/her unwillingness to cooperate with little desire to return to early athletic competition.  The coach will be informed of a student-athlete that

      fails to keep scheduled appointments.


D.     REFERRAL FOR CONSULTATION: If, in the opinion of the supervising Certified Athletic Trainer, a student-athlete should be referred to the team physician(s) or another medical specialist for consultation due to an athletic injury, the following procedures must be followed:

1.  The supervising Certified Athletic Trainer will make an appointment with the consultant.

2.  The supervising Certified Athletic Trainer will complete a referral form.  This referral form must be completed by the consultant and returned to the athletic training room by the student-athlete.

3.  The supervising Certified Athletic Trainer will make arrangements for transportation if personal transportation is not available.




E.      REFERRAL FOR MAJOR INJURIES OR ILLNESS: If, in the opinion of the team physician a student-athlete should be referred to possible surgery due to an athletic injury, the following will occur:

1.  The team physician or attending physician will contact the student-athlete’s parents, guardian, and or/souse and discuss the medical problem and make recommendations.

2.  If the team physician or attending physician is not available, the parent, guardian, and/or spouse will be contacted by the supervising Certified Athletic Trainer, who will discuss the case.  He/She will inform them that the team physician or attending physician will contact them as soon as possible.

3.  All follow-up medical care will be carried out under the direction of the team physician(s) or the physician of their choice.


F.      DENTAL INJURIES: The Athletic Department will be financially responsible for injury to sound, natural teeth or damages to permanent bridges incurred while participating in an official practice or game.  The exceptions to this are:


1.  If the student-athlete was not wearing the protective device in those sports that the device is provided by the Athletic Department.


2.  Dental care, extractions, or normal dental care not directly related to an athletic injury shall be the responsibility of the student-athlete.


G.  CONTACT LENS:  The Athletic Department will be responsible for the     payment of replacement of a contact lens if:


1.  The student-athlete reports the loss to a representative of the Sports Medicine Staff IMMEDIATELY.


2.  The student-athlete provides a copy of their contact lens prescription. The Director of Sports Medicine will request a copy of all contact lens prescriptions at the beginning of the academic year at the time of the pre-participation physical examinations and orientation meetings. Proof of replacement insurance for contact lenses will be requested if the student-athlete possesses such coverage.


3.  Sports Medicine will not provide eyeglasses or contact lenses for any student-athlete unless a change in vision occurs due to the direct result of an official athletic related injury.


H.            JEWELRY:            The NCAA prohibits the wearing of jewelry during athletic practice and competition. The only exception is the wearing of a medal that possesses religious significance. Such medals must be fixed to the body in a manner which is safe to the student-athlete, their teammates and their opponents.


The Athletic Department will not be responsible for injuries that occur to any student-athlete who fails to adhere to the above mentioned policy.


I.        PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS:  The Athletic Department will not be financially responsible for any injuries or illness sustained prior to a student-athlete’s release for and participation on any intercollegiate team.


J.    OUT-OF-SEASON:            The Athletic Department will not be financially responsible for injuries or illness when the student-athlete is not actively engaged in a formal, official practice or game during a competitive season. Official dates of in-season practice are controlled by the NCAA and are available from the head coach of your sport. Absolutely no charges will be honored against the Athletic Department.


K.            UNIVERSITY HEALTH SERVICE CHARGES:  Charges incurred by student-athletes as a result of in-season athletic injuries will be covered by the Athletic Department after parental primary group insurance is applied. Expenses associated with other injuries and all general illnesses (medications, laboratory work, etc.) are the responsibility of the student-athlete and his/her parents or guardians.


L.            OUTSIDE CONSULTATIONS:  If the student-athlete and/or parents, guardian, and/or spouse prefer to seek other medical care or their choice, the following guidelines are in effect. The Athletic Department will:


1.      Assume no financial responsibility for any expenses incurred.

2.      Not render any follow-up medical care.

3.      Not allow the student-athlete to participate until the following conditions have been met:

a.       Receive a detailed written report and other required medical records from the attending physician. This must include a written release for practice and/or competition within the student-athlete’s specific sport.


b.      The student-athlete demonstrates full skills and abilities necessary to compete in their selected sport.


c.       The student-athlete seeks and passes a pre-participation physical examination by the team physician if deemed necessary by the team physician and/or Director of Sports Medicine.


4.            The guidelines above are in effect for any student-athlete who seeks medical care for an off-season, non-athletic injury as well.


M.            SECOND OPINIONS:  The Athletic Department is not responsible for expenses incurred from the physician consultations for the purpose of a second opinion unless referred by the Sports Medicine Team Physician or attending physician.


The Athletic Department is not responsible for expenses incurred from physician consultations for the purpose of a second opinion when requested by the student-athlete and/or parents, guardian, and/or spouse.




A.     HOSPITALIZATION AND MEDICAL PAYMENT POLICY: The Athletic Department policy requires that the student-athlete who is covered by a family or personal medical policy to utilize such insurance to make primary payment of all hospital and medical expenses. Any remaining balances after an applicable insurance policy will be covered by secondary insurance provided by the Athletic Department. This applies to all athletic related injuries.


B.     PARENTAL INSURANCE INFORMATION: A parental insurance authorization form will be forwarded to each student-athlete for completion by his/her parent/ guardian.  THIS FORM MUST BE COMPLETED AND RETURNED TO THE DIRECTOR OF SPORTS MEDICINE BEFORE YOUR SON/DAUGHTER WILL BE CLEARED FOR THEIR PRE-PARTICIPATION PHYSICAL EXAMINATION. Please provide all the information requested, do not partially complete this form. Return of this information in ten days or less will be greatly appreciated.




C.            DISCONTINUED COMPETITION, COMPLETION OF ELIGIBILITY, OR GRADUATION:  Arrangements for the care of injuries requiring medical attention following the student-athlete’s discontinuation of competition, completion of eligibility, or graduation must be made prior to the occurrence of the above mentioned events. Authorization is obtained by procuring a referral slip authorizing the necessary medical care from the Director of Sports Medicine.


D.  DEFERRED MEDICAL CARE:  Arrangements for medical care which has been postponed for whatever reason (academic conflict, surgery schedule, etc.) must be made within two weeks of the completion of the student-athlete’s competitive season. These arrangements must be made with the Director of Sports Medicine to ensure proper medical care and financial responsibility. Failure to arrange this follow-up care will release Stetson University of any further responsibility.


E.            EMERGENCIES:  In instances of emergency where the Director of Sports Medicine or supervising Certified Athletic Trainer cannot be contacted, the student-athlete should make an attempt to contact one of the coaches of their specific sport or the Director of Athletics. If the injury is not life threatening and the student-athlete is ambulatory he/she should report to the University Health Service (822-8150) for evaluation and treatment. Further referral via the University Health Service Staff may be indicated. In the event that the University Health Service is closed (August pre-season camps, holidays, etc.) see below.


      If the injury is increasing in severity or becomes life threatening, the student-athlete should report to the Emergency Room at Florida Hospital Deland or Florida Hospital Fish Memorial (Orange City) and contact one of the staff members mentioned above as soon as possible. If you do not have transportation you may contact Stetson University Public Safety at 822-7300 or 822-6000 for transportation during an injury or illness.





A.     Decisions of the availability of a student-athlete for practice or game competition shall be the responsibility of the team physician(s), and/ or supervising Certified Athletic Trainer.




A.     Student-athletes are permitted all available services provided by the Division of Sports Medicine as long as the student-athlete adheres to the above athletic injury and medical policy and remains a member in good standing of a Stetson University intercollegiate athletic team. Sports medicine services cease upon the completion of intercollegiate eligibility by each student-athlete.



Revised: 4.28.03/ Prepared for website 6.10.03/7.30.03

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