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Welcome to Stetson University Compliance
Courtesy: Stetson University  
Release:  12/16/2009
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Stetson University is dedicated to the principle of institutional control and ensuring its athletics program is in compliance with all rules and regulations established by the NCAA, the Atlantic Sun Conference and the University. Stetson is responsible for the actions of its coaches, student-athletes, faculty and staff, as well as those individuals or organizations engaged in activities promoting Stetson's athletics interests, including alumni, athletic representatives/boosters, and fans.

This compliance site is designed to provide a general overview of NCAA rules to prospective and current student-athletes, athletic representatives/boosters, and supporters. However, due to the complexity of these rules, please do not rely exclusively on this site - if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance at (386) 822-7490. Please remember to "ASK BEFORE YOU ACT!"

Go Hatters!

Jorie Tress
Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance
Stetson University
421 N. Woodland Blvd., Unit 8359
DeLand, FL 32723
Office: 386-822-7490
Fax: 382-822-8132

Prospective Student-Athletes

A prospective student-athlete ("prospect") is:
► a student who has started classes for the 9th grade;
► a student who has not started classes for the 9th grade but for whom Stetson University has provided any financial assistance or other benefit that Stetson does not provide to prospective students generally; or
► any student who is enrolled at a two-year institution.

If you wish to participate in NCAA Division I athletics, you must have your academic and amateur status certified by the NCAA Eligibility Center. For more information regarding the NCAA Eligibility Center and the academic and amateurism requirements that you must meet, please read the NCAA Guide to the College Bound Student-Athlete.

NCAA Eligibility Center website:
2012-13 NLI Reference Guide

Current Student-Athletes

2012-13 Stetson University Student-Athlete Handbook
2011 NCAA Sports Wagering Brochure
Student-Athlete General Employment Form
Student-Athlete Camp/Clinic Employment Form
Student-Athlete Fee for Lessons Employment Form
Promotional Activity Request Form
Vehicle Registration Form

Athletics Representatives ("Boosters")


Definition of Athletics Representative ("Booster") - You are a booster if you...

► Are or ever have been a member of an organization that promotes Stetson University's athletics program;
► Have made any financial contributions to Stetson University's athletics program or a Stetson athletics booster organization;
► Are or ever have been involved with the recruitment of a prospect;
► Have provided or are providing benefits to an enrolled student-athlete or their relatives or friends;
► Have otherwise been involved in promoting Stetson University's athletic program (e.g., alumni & friends);
► Provide or have helped to arrange employment for student-athletes;
► Are or ever have been a season ticket holder.

ONCE A BOOSTER ...ALWAYS A BOOSTER. You retain this identity indefinitely.

Extra Benefits - An extra benefit is any special arrangement by a Stetson University employee or booster to provide a prospect or a student-athlete or their relatives or friends a benefit not expressly authorized by the NCAA or available to the general prospective or current student population. Examples of impermissible extra benefits include, but are not limited to:

► Cash or ANY type of gifts or awards for any reason. All awards must first be approved by the Compliance Office.
► Loans or cosigning of loans.
► A vehicle or the use of a vehicle.
► Payment for or arrangement of transportation costs for the student-athlete, their family, relatives, or friends.
► Free or reduced cost goods or services.
► Free or reduced cost housing.
► Free concert or sporting event tickets.

Please check with the Compliance Office before providing anything to a prospect or student-athlete. A prospect or student-athlete who accepts an impermissible benefit jeopardizes his or her eligibility for intercollegiate competition.

Additionally, you may not use the name, picture or appearance of an enrolled student-athlete to advertise, recommend or promote sales or use of a commercial product or service of any kind. Any use of the name, picture or appearance of a student-athlete must first receive approval from the Compliance Office.


As a Booster, you MAY NOT:

► Contact a prospect's coach, principal or counselor in an attempt to evaluate the prospect, or visit the prospect's educational institution to pick up game films or transcripts.
► Have any on- or off-campus contact, including contact by phone, letter, email or text, with a prospect or his/her parents/legal guardians (unless an established relationship exits).
► Provide free or reduced-cost tickets to Stetson University's home or away athletic or non-athletic events to a prospect, the prospect's relatives or friends.
► Be involved, directly or indirectly, in making arrangements for a prospect, or the prospect's relatives or friends to receive money, financial aid or other inducement to attend Stetson University.
► Pay any portion of sports camp registration fees on behalf of a prospect.
► Provide entertainment, transportation, or free or reduced-cost tickets, for high school, preparatory school or junior college coaches at any time.

As a Booster, you MAY:

► Inform Stetson University coaches of prospects that you think would be a strong addition to the university and the athletics program.
► If you have an established relationship with a prospect or his/her relatives, you may continue normal contacts as long as such contacts are not made for recruiting purposes and are not arranged by athletics department staff members. A relationship is established if the relationship: (1) began before the athlete became a prospect; (2) predates the athlete's status achieved as a result of his/her athletics ability/reputation; and (3) did not develop as a result of the athlete's participation in athletics or his/her reputation related thereto.
► View a prospect's athletics contest on your own initiative, as long as you do not contact the prospect or the prospect's relatives on such occasions.
► Have a phone conversation with a prospect only if the prospect initiates the call. Such a call may not be prearranged by an institutional staff member and you are not permitted to have a recruiting conversation. You must refer any questions about the university's athletic program to the proper athletics department staff member.



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