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by: Stetson University
Hatters Have 182 Named To A-Sun Honor Roll
Courtesy: Stetson University  
Release:  06/27/2014
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Stetson University led all Atlantic Sun Conference institutions in Commissioner’s Scholars for the 2013-14 academic year while placing a total of 182 student-athletes on the league’s academic honor roll.

The Hatters had 10 student-athletes earn recognition on the Commissioners’ Scholar list, three more than the next closest school in the Atlantic Sun. More than 64 percent of the student-athletes in the Atlantic Sun Conference posted a 3.0 grade point average or better.

"What an amazing conclusion to a fantastic year for the A-Sun; congratulations to our student-athletes!” A-Sun Commissioner Ted Gumbart said. “These results reflect an impressive commitment from every part of the A-Sun team – student-athletes, coaches, faculty, athletic department staff – all meeting our mission of Building Winners for Life at the highest level ever."

Already one of the most successful seasons for the A-Sun in recent history in terms of its competition and participation in postseason play, many also reached unparalleled heights in the classroom as well. For the fifth consecutive year more than 60 percent of the A-Sun's teams were honored, a first for the conference.

A total of nine sports also recorded percentage highs including baseball, men's golf, men's and women's lacrosse, men's and women's soccer, men's tennis, women's cross country and volleyball. Five sports also turned in totals of at least 80 percent of the teams recording a 3.0 GPA or better – women's lacrosse (84.52), sand volleyball (83.56), men's tennis (81.58), women's soccer (80.42) and women's cross country (80.00).

This elite group of scholars includes a total of 119 (up from 114 in 2012-13) student-athletes who received their undergraduate degrees while maintaining a perfect 4.0 GPA during the 2013-14 academic year.

Stetson had four student-athletes who finished the 2013-14 academic year with a perfect 4.0 GPA. That group includedfreshman Joe Beery from the men’s cross country team, junior Carmen Bernecker from women’s soccer, freshman Kristin Lind for sand volleyball and senior Sammi Smith from women’s golf.

A total of 38 student-athletes earned Presidential Scholar recognition. Presidential Scholar honors are earned by all student-athletes who are listed in the final squad list for their sport, who earn a cumulative GPA of 3.8 or above, who have completed their final year of eligibility and who have received their bachelor's degree this year. Stetson had a total of seven Presidential Scholars with Matthew Ady from men’s cross country, Katie DiGirolamo from sand volleyball, Andrew Epifanio from men’s cross country, Shannon Harrell from women’s cross country, Claudia Redinger from women’s golf and MayaBlue Stauffer-MacDowell from women’s tennis joining Sammi Smith on the squad.

Another 41 student-athletes claimed Commissioner Scholar recognition for landing between the 3.6 and 3.79 GPA status upon graduation, along with meeting the same requirements as Presidential Scholar recipients. Conference Scholar recognition was bestowed on another 627 individuals for their sustained achievement over at least two years, paired with a 3.4 cumulative GPA or better.

The A-Sun recognized 1,714 student-athletes as All-Academic selections for their work in the classroom by reaching the 3.0 mark, up from last year by an impressive 214. More than one-third of the 38 Presidential Scholars came from ETSU (38), while Stetson (10) accounted for a quarter of the Commissioner's Scholars and Lipscomb's total of 96 Conference Scholars topped the A-Sun. Lipscomb’s total of 211 honorees was also the most in the conference.

2013-14 Atlantic Sun Academic All-Conference Selections

Robert Bruce                                   Baseball

Kevin Fagan                                    Baseball

Griffin Fuller                                   Baseball

Mitchell Jordan                              Baseball

Colton Lightner #                         Baseball

Patrick Mazeika #                          Baseball

Darby McCormick                         Baseball

Danny Miller                                  Baseball

Kyle Pitts                                        Baseball

Ben Rakus                                        Baseball

Adam Schaly #                                Baseball

Kurt Schluter                                  Baseball

Jordan Schulz                                  Baseball

Eliot Shapleigh                              Baseball

Tyler Warmoth                                Baseball

Kyle Zech                                         Baseball

Raymone Andrews        Men's Basketball

Aidan Hadley                 Men's Basketball

Cameron Harvey            Men's Basketball

Hunter Miller #%          Men's Basketball

Brian Pegg #                   Men's Basketball

Kyle Sikora #                 Men's Basketball

Andrew Zelis                  Men's Basketball

Matthew Ady #$                          Men's XC

Joe Beery #4                                  Men's XC

Andrew Epifanio #$                   Men's XC

Deryck Greene                              Men's XC

Ryan Hodgins                              Men's XC

Cody Malloy                                 Men's XC

Andrew Townes #                       Men's XC

James Welch III                             Men's XC

Eliott Azoulay                           Men's Golf

Brian Kehoe #                            Men's Golf

Dirk Kuehler                              Men's Golf

Andrew Peterson #                   Men's Golf

Michael Primavera                    Men's Golf

Zach Stark                                    Men's Golf

Matt Taylor #                              Men's Golf

Ed Waller                           Men's Golf

Tyler White                                 Men's Golf

Chris Aguirre                         Men's Soccer

Trent Austin                           Men's Soccer

JJ Bostic                                   Men's Soccer

Gianluca Carbone                 Men's Soccer

Raffaele Centofanti                Men's Soccer

Fabrizio Chiari                       Men's Soccer

Sebastian Contreras              Men's Soccer

Alex Haddad                           Men's Soccer

Evan Jimmo #                          Men's Soccer

Paul Ladwig                           Men's Soccer

Dwight Lodge #                    Men's Soccer

JJ Lofthouse-Smith              Men's Soccer

Ross Morison #                     Men's Soccer

Andreas Schnabl #%            Men's Soccer

Gabriele Vittori                     Men's Soccer

Travis Workman #%             Men's Soccer

Graham Ball                            Men's Tennis

Nathan Debut #                     Men's Tennis

Chester Espie #                     Men's Tennis

Simon Julin #                         Men's Tennis

Cahit Kapukiran                   Men's Tennis

Egor Panyushkin                    Men's Tennis

Hans Adrian Riseng  #%       Men's Tennis

Kaylee Anderson               Sand Volleyball

Savannah Byl                      Sand Volleyball

Catherine Coston               Sand Volleyball

Jordann Dierickx #%        Sand Volleyball

Katie DiGirolamo #$        Sand Volleyball

Rachael Farrell                    Sand Volleyball

Claudia Kalin #                  Sand Volleyball

Taylor Kennedy                 Sand Volleyball

Kristin Lind 4                    Sand Volleyball

Stephanie Marin                 Sand Volleyball

Maren Rygh                         Sand Volleyball

Kendale Speyerer               Sand Volleyball

Madison Tormey                Sand Volleyball

Kara Young                         Sand Volleyball

Courtney Brandt                                Softball

Mallory Brooks #                              Softball

Taylor Cochran                                   Softball

Jessica Griffin #                                  Softball

Brittany Hawn #                                Softball

Demi Meza #                                        Softball

Chrissy Morello #%                         Softball

Meredith Owen #                               Softball

Sarah Read                                           Softball

Allison Sutherlin #                           Softball

Jessie TenBroeck                                Softball

Kelsey Waters                                    Softball

Kianna Woolington                         Softball

Madison Akins                             Volleyball

Julie Bassett                 Volleyball/Sand VB

Abby Boll                                  Volleyball

Shannon Craighead #                  Volleyball

Tiffany Creamer            Volleyball/Sand VB

Alexa Drost                                      Volleyball

McKenna Foster #                        Volleyball

Ellen Hawks                                  Volleyball

Kaley Melville            Volleyball/Sand VB

Morgan Pautsch                           Volleyball

Cailyn Prewitt #                           Volleyball

Marissa Salazar                             Volleyball

Kayla Weller                                 Volleyball

Erika White #              Volleyball/Sand VB

Danika Yoder #                         Volleyball

Jama Sharp #                Women's Basketball

Shelby Block #                         Women's XC

Constance Compton                Women's XC

Clarissa Consol #                     Women's XC

Adrienne DeVita                      Women's XC

Nicole Garrabrant                    Women's XC

Daniella Godenzi                  Women's XC

Sabrina Guzsvany                    Women's XC

Shannon Harrell #$                 Women's XC

Samantha Hicks                        Women's XC

Christine Iseley                        Women's XC

Trixi Menge #                            Women's XC

Susan Scaggs #                         Women's XC

Emmie Wensell  #                        Women's XC

Alessandra Kutz                    Women's Golf

Claudia Redinger $               Women's Golf

Sammi Smith #$4                    Women's Golf

Zsófia Szurovszki #                 Women's Golf

Samantha Akl                 Women's Lacrosse

Ana Baranowski                     Women's Lacrosse

Elisabeth Blackwell              Women's Lacrosse

Maylis Broderick #                Women's Lacrosse

Erin Busch                               Women's Lacrosse

Rachel Dumas #                      Women's Lacrosse

Melanie Fredericks                Women's Lacrosse

Caili Guilday                          Women's Lacrosse

Paige Levesque                      Women's Lacrosse

Julia Lozano                            Women's Lacrosse

Sam Maguire                            Women's Lacrosse

Lauren McDonald                  Women's Lacrosse

Whitney Meyers #                 Women's Lacrosse

Noelle Morabito                     Women's Lacrosse

Mary Kate O'Sullivan  #       Women's Lacrosse

Amanda Parker #                    Women's Lacrosse

Hallie Plunkett #                   Women's Lacrosse

Stephanie Rendell #              Women's Lacrosse

Lindsay Summers                   Women's Lacrosse

Mallory Tluchowski             Women's Lacrosse

Carmen Bernecker #4                 Women's Soccer

Brianne Boldrin #                       Women's Soccer

Virginia Davis                              Women's Soccer

Ashni Deschenes                        Women's Soccer

Christina Gerecke                       Women's Soccer

Amber Grose #                             Women's Soccer

Danielle Hurme  #                        Women's Soccer

Kait Jones #%                              Women's Soccer

Paige Law                                     Women's Soccer

Makeshia Lucien                        Women's Soccer

Victoria Marsh                             Women's Soccer

Eduarda Pavao                            Women's Soccer

Jenna Premo #                            Women's Soccer

Laurie Scott #                              Women's Soccer

Alyssa Swett #                            Women's Soccer

Victoria Troccoli                         Women's Soccer

Alexis Trybinski #%                 Women's Soccer

Alyssa Welsh #%                       Women's Soccer

Diana Bukajeva #%                   Women's Tennis

Anja Erwin #                               Women's Tennis

Isabella Fernandez                     Women's Tennis

Marta Gonzalez                           Women's Tennis

Brittany Hill                                Women's Tennis

Eveline Lepinay                         Women's Tennis

Rachel Luke                                 Women's Tennis

Alexandra Lyubimova              Women's Tennis

Carolina Meregalli #                 Women's Tennis

MayaBlue Stauffer-MacDowell #$              Women's Tennis        


4 = 4.0 GPA

$ = Presidential Scholar

% = Commissioner’s Scholar

# = Conference Scholar

Stetson Athletic Department