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by: Stetson University
Nicole Moore Profiled by
Courtesy: Stetson University  
Release:  01/24/2012
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Stetson Women's Lacrosse coach Nicole Moore was a presenter at the recent US Lacrosse National Convention in Philadelphia and, while there, was interviewed by

Here is the interview that appears on the web site.

Stetson University has launched a new Division I Women’s Lacrosse program that will join the Atlantic Sun Conference and start play in the Spring  of 2013.  Nicole Moore was named head coach in December, and she comes to Stetson after being an assistant coach at the University of Vermont. She was an assistant at Temple before Vermont. caught up with Coach Moore at the US Lacrosse National Convention in Philadelphia (January 13-15), and had an in-depth interview regarding recruiting priorities, program status and much more. Coach Moore provided valuable insight into her coaching style, what it takes to play in college, what she is looking for in a prospect, what Stetson offers and simple mistakes to avoid during the recruiting process.

Finally, she lets us know why she goes to the US Lacrosse National Convention and why you should go too, if you have the chance.

IFL: What are your top priorities?

My top priorities coming in are definitely recruiting – looking for a great class of 2012 and 2013 to start off the recruiting, and getting Stetson’s name out to the entire lacrosse community. Being someone not from Florida, it seems that Floridians really know what Stetson’s about, their academics, the atmosphere that’s on campus. So one of my main priorities is to get the brand of Stetson out to the lacrosse community outside of Florida.

IFL: What about staff? How is that going?

Staff, right now – you’re looking at the staff. I love working. I’m a hard worker – it’s something that I thrive on, so I don’t mind staying in the office, making the recruiting calls, getting the grand plans in place for our new facilities, our budget, all that jazz – it’s an aspect of the job that I love. In the meantime I’m working on possible volunteer assistant coaches until I can hire my first assistant coach in July.

IFL: Facilities, logistics? How is that coming?

As far as I know things are going well. Stetson is committed to building a new field house that will house women’s lacrosse and a new playing and practice field. They broke ground in December. We’ve gone through the blue prints – it’s looking good. I am very excited. It is going to be a great addition to the Stetson campus and the community.

IFL: What would you say is your personal coaching style?

I am definitely a leader that likes to collaborate with my players. There is a mutual respect. They are there to grow as athletes, as students, as people.  I am there to mentor them through that process. At times there may be some tough love, but I am there for their well being, their happiness. I want them to get all they can out of this experience and be proud of being at Stetson.

IFL: What advice would you give to a high school freshman lacrosse player interested in playing lacrosse in college?

The first thing that I would recommend is that they absolutely love the sport. Start to investigate the different levels of playing: D-3, D-2, D-1. They all have different caveats and characteristics that are special to each division, but at the same time don’t get caught up on all that either. What is most important is the academic side to it. Work on your stick work. Then concentrate on the tactics of the game, really learning the game, the flow of the game. Until they feel comfortable with their stick it is very hard to do any of that.

IFL: Where are you in the recruiting cycle?

I’ve had a lot of interest from kids from Florida which I’m excited about. I think that Florida has a great population of athletes that are continuing to work on their lacrosse game. I would say that as I was hired in mid-December, I am comfortable with where we are with our 2012s and the process that we’re in. I’m so excited to get them on campus next fall and really work with them as individuals on their stick skills and their ability to improve as players – I think we’re going to see leaps and bounds of improvement with their abilities and their potential in that first class.

IFL: How many players are you looking for in the next couple of classes? Any priorities?

Since I’m starting the program just with this 2012 class, it is as many players who love the sport, who have the potential to grow, academically they fit the standards of Stetson and that they’re  fun. I’m a coach who likes to have fun – I’m a coach who likes to work with my players academically and athletically. If a player doesn’t have fun, then it’s a bit harder to coach that player. With the 2013s, again it’s going to be a large recruiting class just to build the program – it would be great to get to 30 players for the 2014 season.

IFL:  What are top things you tell prospects about your program and school?

With the 2012s, I tell them that they will be the year of firsts. They will be making history. They will graduate Stetson with a degree that will help prepare them for the future and open up many options. Being part of a program and being tied into athletics opens many doors when they graduate. There will be a lot of growth – there will be growing pains, but we’ll be in it together. They will have a coach who cares about them and who loves the sport.

IFL: What’s the first thing that catches your eye at a tournament, a highlight video or game footage?

That’s a great question, kind of loaded, but, to be honest, a coach is going to say “a kid that can finish or a defender who understands angles”, but I like to see the intangibles: I like to see kids go hard after ground balls and getting down on the ground balls. I love seeing them stick slap their teammates. I love seeing a defender run up to an attacker after they’ve scored and vice versa. Seeing a player interact with their coaches in a very positive manner, interact with their parents in a positive manner. Of course it’s great to see a kid that can put five goals in during a half, but at the same time for me there has to be those intangibles in place – and that’s what I get really excited about.

IFL: What are your pet peeves about highlight videos, recruit emails and bios?

One pet peeve is when you’re sending an email or any kind of information that you definitely make sure that you get the coach’s name right and the program’s name right, that would probably be my number one  pet peeve, other than that I’m pretty easy going. I understand that people are in different processes or understanding of the recruiting process. I’m not too strict with my standards. Also it’s always great to know that when I get a highlight film, that I know which kid I’m supposed to be watching.

IFL: Tell me two or three things that make you want to come to the convention. Why would tell someone else to come? What are they missing?

Well this is my fourth year presenting, so for me it’s an opportunity for me to give back to a sport that has given me so much. I love the ability to network, to get to know coaches outside of the Division I realm, hear new ideas, grow as a coach myself. And really support the sport and US Lacrosse. Why would I recommend it to other people? Why wouldn’t I recommend it to other people! It a great opportunity to network, meet people, grow as a coach, get ideas, promote your program, learn about new technology and innovations, you get to come to a great city and it really is a chance to grow.


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