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Hatters lacrosse coach Nicole Moore (front row, holding sign) was one of 44 coaches who participated in the NCAA...
by: Stetson University
Moore Attends Successful Women Coaches Academy
Courtesy: Stetson University  
Release:  07/23/2012
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Stetson University lacrosse coach Nicole Moore will look to use the knowledge she gained at the NCAA Women Coaches Academy as she guides the Hatters fledgling program. 

Moore was one of 44 women coaches across the country selected to attend the event, which was held at the Dolce Resort in Atlanta in early June.

Moore received a scholarship to attend the five-day academy that featured female coaches from all levels and sports across the NCAA.  The academy teaches coaches how to be more efficient, productive, resourceful and successful. 

“Coaching for Success and Significance,” is the signature slogan of Women Coaches Academy (WCA) that is sponsored by the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the Alliance of Women Coaches.

The academy is designed for female coaches who are ready and willing to increase their individual effectiveness by learning advanced skills and strategies that directly affect their personal and team success.

The NCAA Women's Coaches Academy has three objectives; skills development, retention and mentoring.

Skills development – Provide female coaches with professional development in areas other than the X's and O's of their sport. These include, management strategies, decision-making, ethics, leadership, legal issues and communication skills. 

Retention – To inspire and motivate female coaches to remain in the coaching profession. By expanding their knowledge, perspective and skill base, they gain confidence and determination to set career goals and be more successful and competent.

Mentoring – Provide a framework for interaction between women in all aspects of athletics – from peers to pioneers. 

“This was a truly enlightening experience and extremely intense,” Moore said. “We discussed our philosophy in regard to coaching, understanding the different generations of student athletes, communications strategies, Title IX and Gender Equity, legal issues, managing solutions, coaching styles, coaching strategies, and coaching methods. I really can't think of a session that wasn't beneficial.”

The NCAA Women's Coaches Academy provides skills training for coaches at all levels to assist them in being more efficient, productive, resourceful and successful. The academy is designed for women coaches who are ready and willing to increase their individual effectiveness by learning advanced skills and strategies that directly affect their personal and team success. The participants learn skills that are not sport specific that are relevant and necessary for coaching responsibilities, beyond the X's and O's.

In 2002, the NCAA Committee on Women's Athletics (CWA) supported an initiative to train, support and retain female coaches. That was the start of the Women Coaches Academy (WCA). To date there have been 24 highly successful sessions of the five-day academies, which are open to any coach from any sport, and any division.

“This was an amazing week of networking, learning new ideas and concepts as well as confirming strengths,” Moore said. “I found myself sharing a deeper explanation in regard to my philosophy and core values with other coaches and professionals. 

“The Academy forced me out of my comfort zone and really made me think more about my mission. I believe this experience will enable me to be a better teacher, coach and administrator.”

The Stetson women’s lacrosse program will embark on its inaugural season this spring, with the teams’ first game tentatively scheduled for February 10.

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